Staying Connected this Summer with your BlackBerry 10 Device

We’re now in the heart of the summer season on the way for or already on vacation. My mobile is never far from me during the year, and nothing changes on vaction. However I do make sure I have at hand the Q10 battery charger and a micro SD memory card.

Personally, if you’re a bit like me and enjoy having the freedom and flexibility in your mobile Continue reading “Staying Connected this Summer with your BlackBerry 10 Device”

BlackBerry P’9983 Graphite -a personal (re)view


BlackBerry 10 being one of the smoothest, most elaborated operating systems ever developed for a mobile device, I have gone and splurged a pretty penny on the BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9983 Graphite.

The P’9983 is an example of technological craftsmanship fusing a proven mobile system, a solid build and an aesthetic, refined design into a single communication instrument. Continue reading “BlackBerry P’9983 Graphite -a personal (re)view”

One month with the iPad Pro 12.9″ – Part 1

Yes, it can replace a PC and do a bit more!

About two months ago, I’d started looking into the two versions of the iPad Pro: the 12.9 and the more recent replacement to the iPad Air, though of a smaller size. I’d read quite a bit where Tim Cook confirms that the iPad Pro can replace a PC or -even- a Mac! I’d also taken note of bloggers’ general “boo” to Cook’s affirmation.
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How to install the Google Play Store on a BlackBerry 10 Device.


BlackBerry 10 is a powerful, productivity, mobile platform with a few more years ahead of it. “Haters be haters” to all those who may say the contrary. So if you can’t find what you need in BlackBerry World , below is a simply step-by-step to download the .apk files on order to set up the Google Play Store on your BlackBerry 10 device. Continue reading “How to install the Google Play Store on a BlackBerry 10 Device.”